Game Changers: Revision with a difference

We’re all at that point in the year when revision, revision, revision takes hold and most year 11 classes are looking through exam question after exam question. One thing we must remember is that most students choose PE because they LOVE PE so why do we sit them in the classroom? Will they remember it like the lesson they scored 3 goals/ got 2 wickets/ beat their PB?

We looked at how we could make exam practice more practical and adapted some old favourites:

1. Multiple choice ball
Basically this is a game of dodgeball 4 v 4. Each player wears a bib with an answer written on it (same for both teams). The game starts with a multiple choice question being read out. The whistle goes and students play regular dodgeball. The team who hits the player with the correct answer on their bib wins. The players then swap with the next 4 players now with different answers on.

All this game requires is the preparation of the answers. Once the students are briefed on changing the bibs / answers in between games it all runs smoothly. As an extension task while the next set of players are waiting to come on they can be brainstorming what could their multiple choice question possible be??

The game can also be extended to include more players at a time by using an 8 mark question. Some answers on the bibs would be correct / some incorrect. Teams must hit the players with the correct answers during a timed game. At the end of the time the win goes to the team with the most correct answers. A time-out element can also be added to the lesson to formally practice writing down the answer.

2. Connect 4 / Connect All
Asda sell connect 4 for £6. We have adapted a number of game sets, each relevant to a pe topic (e.g. Training methods). Each piece has key words / phrases stuck to it. The game plays out similar to how solo hexagons are used. To be able to place a piece in the frame you must place it next to another word and verbalise the connection of each. For example ‘interval training’ / ‘rest’. Because each set is specific to one exam area there are lots of connections to be made. Winner is the player to use all of their pieces.

So set your classroom up as a ‘connect all’ tournament with students visiting each topic area on a rotation.

3. Jenga

Another bargain game- £4 on ebay. On each block write questions. Students play the game in tables of 4. As they pull out a block they have to answer one of the questions on it. If they get the answer correct they are allowed to place the block back onto the tower. If they answer the question incorrect the block is removed from the game. The winning team is the team who has the tallest block at the end of the allocated game time. With 4 large sides on each piece, 4 questions can be added to each block so questions aren’t always repeated. Use the ends of each piece to identify the difficulty of the questions by colour coding.

So what games can you adapt to create a game changer?


Candy crush saga brings independent learning and increased participation in KS4 Aerobics

So….after a constant fight against the drop in girls participation it was time to hit it head on and challenge them with what matters most.

There is only one thing that matters for year 11 girls….PROM!!!!!!!

We have renamed our Yr11 girls core fitness lessons Prom Prep (for those who have chosen this pathway). It all started off great, everyone had their kit and students were engaged with aerobics lessons…long may it continue.

It was during one lesson that I realised that this was not extending to the girls’ everyday lives when one girl said I’m never going to hit my target doing this once a week. Yes I can tell them that the nearest aerobics class uses our school 3 nights a week, but money, time and image is precious to them…and to exercise in public..god forbid!

Instead I had to bring the sessions to them: This is where the PROM CRUSH SAGA began!!!!

Each student has been set specific lesson targets, whether this be related to working heart rate, completing the whole core section of the workout or even producing a bead of sweat!!!!! (we’re all different)

If a student reached their personal target they were given the first stage of the prom crush saga (the dress). The reward slip contained a QR code with a home workout on it. This allowed students to access physical activity at home.


The creative QR codes are created using

As a class we then used this workout the next week, with renewed / reviewed personal targets. Having done the workout also helped students to set SMART targets….and then…. If you’ve got the dress you then need the shoes and so on.

Giving the students the workout a week in advance actually contributed to the girls actively accessing the video, and in most cases up to 3 times in that week. Students used the video to ensure they knew any new moves and to enable them to set more challenging targets because their bodies were beginning to respond to regular exercise rather than being inactive between lessons.

The Prom Prep class is still going well, and engagement and participation is high… We will be getting our spray tans and hair done soon….hahaha

Apps the way forward: My Top Apps of the Month

Since getting our department iPad we have been testing out a range of apps. I have already posted about the use of Comic Life, Socrative and Coaches Eye, but here is a quick fire list of our favourite apps this term.

1. Easy Portfolio

This app is the first in a line of useful apps from thepegeek apps.
Easy portfolio allows you to make groups and set up a virtual portfolio of evidence for each individual student. You an add video, image, audio, notes, URL and documents.
Ideal for both practical and theory elements of PE. We now have videos of each student performing in each activity, together with teacher documentation of the assessments and pictures of any work completed, all in one place!

2. Easy Assessment

The next step for the PEgeek team. Easy assessment allows you to set up rubrics and criteria that allow you to track and record assessments. This has been set up to record our GCSE final practical marks as well as monitor exam practice question performance and record KS3 knowledge PBL home work.
Easy to use; students can add in their own scores and once again all the mediums of video, audio etc can be added just as in easy portfolio.

3. Pick Me is a great app for questioning whether in the classroom, sports hall or on the field.

You can upload your class lists manually or by importing from Dropbox to save time. The app selects a student to answer your question. You can the record whether that student got the question correct or not using the green ‘thumb up’ and red ‘thumb down’. The programme allows you to choose whether that student remains in the hat for further questions or is taken out as they have already answered. This allows you to ensure you have not always got the same students answering questions.
A the end of the session it gives a count up of their question success.
We have found this great for revision purposes and allowed students to visually track their successes in a lesson and across a number of lessons.

For the PE teachers among us the infamous cross country season is upon us where we run on mass around the fields looking to assess cardiovascular endurance, race tactics, personal target setting and resilience amongst other things. App number 4 allows us to quickly time and record every students time in a cross country / swimming/ athletics race.

Webscorer is our new god!
It times the race, allows you to pre populate the names of race runners or add them afterwards. Each time a runner comes in you press the stopcock which gives you their split. The results can also go live on webscorers web page so students can go and check out their performances at a later date. and a tweet to the link never hurts!

5. A great complimentary app to this is PBGo which allows you to log PB times for any swimming or athletic events (including jumps and throws). It allows each student to create a PB card that records event, time, venue and date to track progress in cracking their PBs. It even allows them to add a mugshot of themselves!



This virtual PB card is being used with GCSE students to track their cross country running. It can give you top 5 times over the chosen distance. This evidence can then be updated to Easy Portfolio as their personal evidence!! Can’t wait to roll it out with more groups.

‘hAPPy APPin’ from EV Sport