Candy crush saga brings independent learning and increased participation in KS4 Aerobics

So….after a constant fight against the drop in girls participation it was time to hit it head on and challenge them with what matters most.

There is only one thing that matters for year 11 girls….PROM!!!!!!!

We have renamed our Yr11 girls core fitness lessons Prom Prep (for those who have chosen this pathway). It all started off great, everyone had their kit and students were engaged with aerobics lessons…long may it continue.

It was during one lesson that I realised that this was not extending to the girls’ everyday lives when one girl said I’m never going to hit my target doing this once a week. Yes I can tell them that the nearest aerobics class uses our school 3 nights a week, but money, time and image is precious to them…and to exercise in public..god forbid!

Instead I had to bring the sessions to them: This is where the PROM CRUSH SAGA began!!!!

Each student has been set specific lesson targets, whether this be related to working heart rate, completing the whole core section of the workout or even producing a bead of sweat!!!!! (we’re all different)

If a student reached their personal target they were given the first stage of the prom crush saga (the dress). The reward slip contained a QR code with a home workout on it. This allowed students to access physical activity at home.


The creative QR codes are created using

As a class we then used this workout the next week, with renewed / reviewed personal targets. Having done the workout also helped students to set SMART targets….and then…. If you’ve got the dress you then need the shoes and so on.

Giving the students the workout a week in advance actually contributed to the girls actively accessing the video, and in most cases up to 3 times in that week. Students used the video to ensure they knew any new moves and to enable them to set more challenging targets because their bodies were beginning to respond to regular exercise rather than being inactive between lessons.

The Prom Prep class is still going well, and engagement and participation is high… We will be getting our spray tans and hair done soon….hahaha


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