Team EV are back…and the teaching just keeps getting better

As a HoD I am lucky enough to observe the lessons of others…and I’ve seen some outstanding PE practice this past week.

If ever you were unsure about how to differentiate in practical PE then this lesson commentary is for you.

The group are 3 lessons into their football module, and range from levels 3-6.

The lesson started with some clearly set objectives


Pupils led their own warmup, reflected on prior knowledge from the previous lesson and were set a directed task; their focus…dribbling.

Students completed the first section of their lesson learning sheet


From their knowledge and performance in the connect tasks, students were asked to place themselves at the correct station. How did they know which station? The teacher had a number of statements for students to match themselves to.


These stations followed a teach, do, review theme with increasing competence in the skill of dribbling required.
Station 1 had a lot of teacher input with student following a set path using simple dribbling techniques.
Station 2 encouraged students to dribble, look up and pass in a controlled and unchallenged situation.
Station 3 was a small sided game of end game in which students worked in small teams and had to dribble the ball into the end zone to score a point. This station also required students to actively analyse the performance of others using a simple analysis sheet.


As students felt they had successfully completed the tasks at the station with increasing fluency, they moved to the next station. Even for those who may not have moved station, physical progress was evident. To consolidate new learning, the learning sheet was revisited and new learning was added.

Each group fed back to the class what challenges they had faced at their station, how they had overcome them and what they had gained from the lesson.


Overall and outstanding lesson and a good format for anybody struggling with differentiation to use!


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