Comic life meets coach my video for an analysis story

Having an iPad in PE is beginning to make anything possible, and things that were once an arduous task are now simple and most importantly fun!

I have spent the last couple of weeks following people’s advice on which of the many analysis apps to use (and free ones where possible) and as most people on twitter know…I am addicted to transforming every part of the world into comic life.

This post describes the merging of the 2 mediums, and how they can be applied to the practical element of PE.

It was a year 9 mixed ability group, part way through their athletics scheme of work and their weekly focus was on the discus. The first lesson involved teacher and student led teaching, during which every student was recorded using the “coach my video” app. The students then watched their performances back and annotated the video, taking still pictures of certain aspects of the technique.

For the first time, they loved being filmed…and I put this down to the fact that it was with the iPad! Also the possibility of instantly annotating and choosing their own stills, rather than having to take them away to print or download etc brought an enthusiasm to the analysis process.

Between the 2 lessons I made a comic story for each student using the stills with annotations they had chosen. On each square was space for the student to comment on their technique.



Before the students embarked on this process, we as a class reflected on the perfect model, with key words and still pictures of each phase of the throw displayed on the board.

The results were great, students showed improved understanding and a higher quality of written feedback. They loved the concept of the comic and as a class decided that they should laminate all the sheets and have it as a class comic. This comic was then shown to their friends, who now all want to do the same thing in their lesson! Even whilst I was prepping the comic pages in my office,I had students asking “when are we doing this”….so all I would say is give it a go! The construction of the comic looks like it would take a long time, but it took under an hour to create all the comic pages for the whole class.

Can’t wait for the class set of iPads so they can create the comics themselves!


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