Solo learning with sports psychology

This week the fusion of solo and iPad took place. It was a year 10 BTEC group who had previously done one introductory lesson on psychological factors that effect sports performance. The learning objectives were shared on the interactive whiteboard…then the fun began.

The task was explained using a photo babbled inverted u theory that spoke to the students.


It is here I must apologise for not having video upload facilities on this blog. The first mouth asked the students to work as a group writing down as many words related to the inverted u graph on a sheet of paper with the graph on.

The next mouth asked them to explain the different points of the graph, specifically linking their ideas to performance.

The final mouth then asked them to research a famous sports performer and to apply the theory of the inverted u to their sports performance.

Each task was built up section by section on different pieces of paper that were then collated together as the task progressed.

Here are some examples of the work produced…





Central to the lesson was each students individual progress through the solo levels, while working within the group. Each student was given a learning evaluation which was referred to and filled in at the end of each task. The grid identified what levels of thinking and feedback were required by each task, giving examples of how they may achieve each level.


The students were able to see their progress as they evaluated their contribution to the group work. It also enthused students to get to extended abstract…must be the competitiveness of PE students coming out! Lol

This lesson is the 2nd of 3 lessons…next lesson they will write their final assessment pieces ( extended abstract). Each individual will be able to chose the skills and format they present their work in:
A poster or leaflet
A report (word document)
A photo able
A PowerPoint presentation

The results will be posted next time!


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